From initial contact to the delivery of the gallery and everything in-between, it's all an experience. Part of making it a wonderful experience is making sure the client and photographer are the right fit!

So, let me walk you through my process and see if we click...

So... you want to hang out?

Yay! Me too! I’m assuming at this point you’ve seen my work and liked what you saw. My first suggestion would be to head over to my pricing page and determine which would best fit your needs. Once that is taken care of, you can schedule your session using any of the “Schedule Your Session” buttons that are all over this site! That will reserve your date for 72 hours. Once your retainer fee has been paid in full, your date will officially be reserved! After your reservation is official, I will send you a client questionnaire and a client contract that will need to be looked over, signed, and sent back. That simple!

Up for some tea or cookies... or both?

Every session I offer has a complimentary Pre-session consultation included! This consult is so important and honestly one of my favorite parts of the whole experience! This is where I get to really learn about you and break the ice before our session day. There's nothing like trying to get relaxed, authentic images of people you've never met before! We can get a coffee (or in my case, tea) and chat about our upcoming session, your likes, wants, dislikes, etc! This is also where we can go over the contract and questions/concerns you may think of during our consult. I can't wait to hang out!

You bring the smiles, I'll bring the camera...

From the time we have our consult to the day of our session, we will nail out the final details for our day. My photography style is very laid back and documentary, which may not be what you are used to, but will be so much fun! I do less posing and more prompting/talking to compose the look and feel I’m trying to accomplish. Lots of laughing will happen and it will be wonderful! It may feel odd or awkward, but I promise, you will LOVE the outcome. Just trust me, after all, you did hire me for my skills, right?​​​​​​​

Patience is bitter, but's its fruit is SWEET!

Trust me, I know it’s incredibly difficult to go home after an AMAZING photo session and be expected to wait to see your beautiful images. It’s the worst! Fortunately, I do include a sneak peek of your session that will be delivered within 72 hours! Your full gallery of proofs will be delivered to your email 3-4 weeks after our session! Once you’ve chosen your favorites (whether it be the allotted number that is included in your package, some additional images, or the full gallery) some final touches will be added and they will be ready for you to download! Occasionally, I am able to deliver a gallery early! As great as that is, I do not guarantee early delivery and here is why: I spend a great deal of time culling and perfecting each image I deliver to ensure I’m sending out the best of the best. To rush that process would mean the standard of quality and consistency could suffer and I’m just not willing to take that chance!

Well, there you have it...

What do you think? If you can handle a tea drinking, cookie munching, Converse wearing photographer who sometimes talks to her camera... we are a perfect match! I CANNOT wait to hear from you, so send me a message and we can get started! Let's do this thing!